The signs are everywhere – California is experiencing record dry and warm conditions. The first part of 2013 was the driest on record. Will this continue?

Friday, Aug 16th, 2013

In Northern California, water leaders continue to make a concerted effort to prepare for dry conditions in California. The NCWA Board of Directors and water resource managers throughout the region convened in Richvale earlier this year on January 30 to discuss how the Sacramento Valley can better prepare for the next drought. NCWA also has a Water Management Task Force (which I chair) that brings together water leaders to advance active water management in the region. Much of our focus is how to assure more reliable water supplies during dry periods for all beneficial purposes—farms, birds, fish, cities and rural communities, and recreation. Our various discussions across the region have led to a heightened awareness in the Sacramento Valley about the need to collaborate and better prepare for future dry conditions, including climate change scenarios that could lead to more extreme dry periods. The themes and recommended actions that have emanated from these vigorous discussions are available in a more detailed report at:

I will be providing additional thoughts in a blog series from the Sacramento Valley on how we can prepare for dry conditions. Stay tuned …

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