Seeking Balance in California

Thursday, Nov 13th, 2014

California voters recently approved Proposition 2-the so-called “rainy day fund” for California-with nearly 69% support. Significantly, voters in 57 counties supported this measure, with Trinity County the lone dissenting county, as the map below shows. So why did voters, as well as the Governor and a unanimous Legislature, support this measure so strongly? Much like balancing our water budget in California through droughts and floods as envisioned by Proposition 1, we also need a balanced state budget that provides fiscal responsibility in both strong and weak economic times.

Jim Mayer, the President and CEO of California Forward, wrote a blog in October on the virtues of Proposition 2. With the election behind us and Proposition 2 the law of California, we think revisiting his blog provides some important perspective on the importance of this measure in tandem with Proposition 1. The blog is provided in full..


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