New Thinking on Integrated Water Management

Thursday, Nov 20th, 2014

Some new thinking on the future role of water storage has emerged in a report on Integrating Storage in California’s Changing Water System. The report advocates for a more integrated approach to surface and groundwater storage where projects are planned, designed, and operated as components of a state-wide water system.

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The report provides “the true value of water storage in California is driven by its ability to be useful as a component integrated into a complex and changing system with diverse and evolving purposes for a somewhat uncertain future. Accordingly, we propose a more integrated approach where “system studies” of water infrastructure would better reflect the integration of various types of storage and other relevant conveyance and distribution facilities. Such studies would also better highlight promising actions of all types for the broad water management purposes of California. Water system improvement studies should move from project justification studies to studies that identify the most promising projects regionally and statewide for a variety of purposes, and those that help improve the adaptability of the system for a range of likely future demands and climatic conditions.”

With the passage of Proposition 1 and the Governor’s call to save water for our future, this report provides valuable insights into sustainable water management in the Sacramento Valley and the opportunities for a water portfolio that includes smart storage.

The California Water Blog and report are available at: California Water Blog.

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