Hydroelectric Generation, Green & Clean

Thursday, Aug 2nd, 2012

Being a water district located in the foothills, we are blessed with elevation. And with our source water at the upper end (read higher elevation) of the District, we can take advantage of that elevation to assist in the delivery of water. It is that change in elevation that allows us to have pressurized pipelines (without pumps and the required energy charges) and also allows for opportunities to generate electricity.

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Field Trip – July 3rd, 2012

Saturday, Jul 14th, 2012

Once a month I discard the office attire and pull on my jeans and camo fat baby cowboy boots, jump into a district pick-up to collect groundwater measurements.

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Outstanding in the Field

Friday, Jul 6th, 2012

Outstanding in the Field is a nice way to describe what farmers do while they work- they stand out in their fields.

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Partnership and Commitment Key to Improving Agricultural Water Quality

Friday, Jun 22nd, 2012

Problems get press, performance doesn’t. I want to talk about the performance of the Sacramento Valley Coalition (Coalition) and Colusa Glenn over the last 9 years.

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