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"Like a human fingerprint, California's Sacramento Valley is truly unique. On the leading edge of ecological and economical sustainability, it's also an exceptional place to live, work and raise a family. The Sacramento Valley joins together a world-renowned mosaic of natural abundance: productive farmlands, wildlife refuges and managed wetlands, cities and rural communities, and meandering rivers that support and feed fisheries and natural habitats. Through efficient management of the region's water resources, the Sacramento Valley will continue to provide what's essential to California's future success and prosperity. Nourishment and sustenance from the fields, habitats for fish and wildlife, recreation and a special quality of life - the Sacramento Valley is home to all of this, and more."

Blogs from the Valley

California Agriculture Suffers from Another Dry Year

Recent comments by an economics Professor from the University of California Davis projects that “there’s going to be significantly more pain this year than there was last year” with respect to agriculture and the rural parts of the state. Last year, Dr. Howitt suggested that there would be a $2 billion economic impact—this year he “would be very surprised if the economic impact was less than $3 billion.” This will include a loss of more than 20,000 jobs as a result of the drought.

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This blog explores the intersection between water, food and the environment — with a focus on the increasing challenges facing California and our efforts to manage and preserve our natural resources for present and future generations.

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