Alfalfa’s Multitude of Contributions to Environment

Friday, Jul 24th, 2015

Tom Ellis, Alfalfa grower Board member California Alfalfa and Forage Association There will be patches of green this summer amid a seemingly endless golden brown landscape that symbolizes California’s fourth year of an ongoing drought. Alfalfa fields will provide some of the green to an otherwise monochrome palate. Not only will alfalfa fields provide an … Continue reading Alfalfa’s Multitude of Contributions to Environment

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Cuts hit wildlife, ag just as hard

Tuesday, Jul 21st, 2015

This article originally appeared in The Record on July 16, 2015. The article can be viewed at: As we all know, California is in the midst of a drought of historic proportions. Snowpack levels are at the lowest levels ever recorded. Reservoir levels are significantly lower than average and the prospect of significant rain … Continue reading Cuts hit wildlife, ag just as hard

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Keeping Our Groundwater Resources in Balance

Thursday, Jul 16th, 2015

The fourth consecutive dry year in Northern California has illuminated the pressures on the Sacramento Valley’s water resources and the challenges we face in providing reliable water supplies for various beneficial purposes in the Valley.

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Public Land Management at a Crossroad

Tuesday, Jul 14th, 2015

Placer County Water Agency owns and operates the Middle Fork American River Project (MFP), providing water supplies, hydroelectric power, public recreational opportunities and environmental stewardship for the people of Placer County and the region. The people of Placer County built the Middle Fork Project in the 1960s for the long-term public benefit to be derived from beneficial uses of watershed resources. The water that PCWA delivers to ranches, farms, orchards and suburban areas throughout the County originates from the Yuba, Bear, American and Rubicon river watersheds. PCWA was created to ensure, and remains committed to supporting, diligent management of those watershed resources.

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