Lessons from the Jungle Book

Friday, Apr 29th, 2016

The latest chart topping movie from Disney, the live action adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, is filled with more than innovative computer generated-imagery: there is a message about change and the importance of water. As the Disney Educator’s Guide states:

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Why Would California and the Public Benefit from Sites Reservoir?

Friday, Apr 22nd, 2016

The California Department of Water Resources has estimated that if Sites Reservoir were online on April 7, the off-stream reservoir would have already stored an additional 904,000 acre-feet of water this year, or nearly 295 billion gallons. For context, this amount of water would completely fill Folsom Reservoir near Sacramento. Remember that last year, during … Continue reading Why Would California and the Public Benefit from Sites Reservoir?

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NCWA Opposes No Blank Checks

Thursday, Apr 14th, 2016

The Northern California Water Association (NCWA) Board of Directors has voted to formally oppose the “No Blank Checks Initiative.” Like several other initiatives that are now circulating, the proponents have over-reached with this initiative that is now qualified for the November 2016 ballot. The initiative, if approved by the voters, would create another avenue for … Continue reading NCWA Opposes No Blank Checks

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2016 Water Supplies Shaping Up

Friday, Apr 8th, 2016

Northern California has been blessed this year with generally full reservoirs and good snowpack in the Sierra Nevada and Cascade. This has led to full water allocations throughout the Sacramento Valley, which has been welcomed by cities and rural communities, farmers, refuge managers, and fish—all of which have suffered in different ways from reduced supplies … Continue reading 2016 Water Supplies Shaping Up

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