Outdoors Journalist Promotes Sacramento Valley Refuges

Thursday, Feb 4th, 2016

This past December, prominent outdoors journalist Tom Stienstra wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle about the valuable habitat the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex is providing for birds this time of year.  In the article, Stienstra captures the incredible number of birds utilizing the Refuge, writing “Then, as the last light of the day faded to … Continue reading Outdoors Journalist Promotes Sacramento Valley Refuges

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Innovative Hatchery Practices Show Promise for Salmon

Tuesday, Jan 26th, 2016

Earlier this month, the New York Times published an article about Dr. John Carlos Garza’s work in the Klamath River hatchery to use genetic techniques to match up hatchery fish with the goal of improving genetic diversity within the fish population.

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Time for California to Invest in Sites Reservoir

Wednesday, Jan 20th, 2016

Although rains and snow are blanketing California, it is still not clear whether there will be water in storage later this spring and summer when it is most needed for various purposes. California has nearly 39 million people and a spectacular landscape supporting various other species–all of which depend upon a managed water system to … Continue reading Time for California to Invest in Sites Reservoir

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Implementing the California Water Action Plan

Thursday, Jan 14th, 2016

The Northern California Water Association (NCWA) applauds Governor Brown’s call to implement the California Water Action Plan (Action Plan) throughout the state to address California’s water challenges. North State water resources managers have and will continue to work diligently with state agencies to implement various parts of the Action Plan in the Sacramento Valley for the multiple benefits of cities and communities, farms, fish, birds and recreation.

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