The water bond deal is done. But will it actually improve California’s water system?

Thursday, Aug 21st, 2014

The legislative passage of a $7.5 billion water bond measure was a bright moment in what has been a tough year for California’s water managers and users. But the measure, now on the November ballot as Proposition 1, raises an important question: During one of the worst droughts in a century, would these billions of dollars put California on a path to water sustainability?

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Legislature Approves Water Bond–Provides Important Infrastructure Investments for Northern California to Prepare for Future Droughts

Thursday, Aug 14th, 2014

Last night, the Legislature passed and the Governor signed legislation to place a $7.545 billion water bond on the November ballot. The Senate approved the measure 37-0 and the Assembly 77-1. All Northern California Members of the Legislature voted for the bond. The bond, which will be Proposition 1 on the November ballot, would continuously appropriate $2.7 billion for the public benefits of water storage, and includes funding to promote the restoration and enhancement of habitat for salmon and steelhead, as well as species of birds reliant upon the Pacific Flyway. The bond will also direct much needed funding to projects to improve urban and agricultural water management and to increase groundwater sustainability for safe drinking water supplies. “This is an important day for Northern California and builds momentum to better prepare California for current water needs and future droughts,” …

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California Water: Who uses how much?

Wednesday, Jul 30th, 2014

The drought has brought increased scrutiny of water use in California, with focus on who uses how much and for what purposes. This attention is not surprising since scarcity is affecting all water use sectors. Along with this interest, however, comes an array of confusing and often conflicting claims about water use…

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Restoring the Salmon Runs in the Sacramento Valley: A Time for Action

Tuesday, Jul 22nd, 2014

For the past several decades, leaders in the Sacramento Valley have been developing innovative partnerships and projects to improve salmon, while assuring reliable water supplies for farms, birds, cities and rural communities. These efforts have significantly improved the migratory corridors and habitat for salmon throughout the Valley, leading to mixed success in restoring certain runs of salmon in the region. To further improve salmon runs—there is more work ahead. Now is the time for action!

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