Time for a New and Modern Conversation in the Sacramento Valley

Friday, Jan 6th, 2017

There is a new and exciting conversation underway in the Sacramento Valley about how functional flows can serve multiple beneficial purposes, including water for fish, farms, birds, cities and recreation. Importantly, this is a different conversation than the discourse over the past several decades to continually add additional water to sterile, inhospitable river channels in the Delta. The more modern conversation–spreading the water out and slowing it down throughout the Valley–is showing promise to improve the food-web and habitat necessary to recover salmon and other fish in both the Sacramento Valley and the Delta; while the old discourse has led to fish declines and frustrated water users.

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Celebrating the Birds in the Sacramento Valley

Thursday, Dec 22nd, 2016

With Christmas season underway, now is a good time to join Audubon in their annual Christmas Bird Count—a fun and important citizen science data program near you. More information is available at: Audubon – Join the Bird Count.  To celebrate the wonderful birds that grace the Sacramento Valley, Audubon California’s Janine Kraus recently caught a … Continue reading Celebrating the Birds in the Sacramento Valley

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River Garden Farms is Making Fish Food

Tuesday, Dec 13th, 2016

By Todd Manley The winter, River Garden Farms (RGF) is participating in a pilot program to determine the value winter flooding of rice fields can provide to help feed migrating juvenile salmon in the Sacramento Valley.  The program, which involves slightly altering winter agricultural practices that help birds using the Pacific Flyway to determine if … Continue reading River Garden Farms is Making Fish Food

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Abundance or Absence?

Thursday, Dec 8th, 2016

  The Sacramento River Valley, Albert Bierstadt, 1872 With the rainy season off to its wettest start in 30 years according to the National Weather Service, speculation and conversation surrounds whether it will continue.  As the recently concluded exhibition California: The Art of Water has portrayed at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University, water … Continue reading Abundance or Absence?

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